Photo by  Gregory Woodman

Film by Joe Greer

To me photography is a language for expressing what I see and feel. Despite the noise and often overwhelming challenges in life, I see beauty everywhere. For me that is a constant choice and decision to live by. What I see, feel, and what gets my heart beating is us, humans - the way we are.

I grew up in Finland, left the country after military service, then went to the ends of the earth just to find my home in the Arctic. Currently my home is Norway, where I live together with my beautiful wife Anniken and our dog Harley. I find joy in the wilderness, being surrounded by nothing but the mountains, fjords and wonderful people.

As a hopeless romantic, I find the commitment of two people uniting something very special and beautiful. Documenting the celebration of that and creating lasting memories with my camera is something I pour my heart and soul into, finding that deeply meaningful and privileged to do.

My style is often described as photojournalistic, natural and timeless. Inspired by the Old West.

Traveling is in my blood and no place is too far for telling your story.

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Selected Clients

Adobe / Canon / Coors / Fjällräven / House Beer / HSBC Bank / Montblanc / Olympus / Spotify / Stetson / Taylor Stitch / Vitamin Well


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