Photo by James Younger

Photo by James Younger

I am a dreamer, hiker, biker and a romantic adventurer by heart. 

After I was born in ex-Soviet Union in the late 80's, my family moved back to Finland where I grew up in a city environment. After I found the love of my life and moved to Norway I developed curiosity to experience the vast wilderness I was surrounded by. This has been life changing to me. What started by snapping images with my iPhone has over the past years developed into a serious love for the craft.

My professional background is in marketing world and I have worked at Red Bull and a Norwegian bank doing international marketing as well as executing various projects with international clients as freelancer.

My heart beats towards active lifestyle and as much as possible and being surrounded and inspired by friends who work in the creative industries, I decided to pursue my dream and lifestyle as a profession.
Now I spend my time telling stories with camera, crafting adventures and having fun as much as possible outside of city lights. My main focus is documenting people and places in a natural way, highlighting the beauty of fleeting moments. 

You can find my latest work on Instagram with the handle @joelhypponen.

Client Work

I have worked as Producer and Photographer to tell stories for Olympus, Adobe, HSBC Bank, Fjällräven, Artifact Uprising, Topo Designs, Taylor Stitch and Katin USA. 
My work has been published in META Magazine, White Magazine and Nordiske Bryllup.